Winston Salem Fitness : Calories Expended During Certain Activities   

ACTIVITY*    Calories expended in 30 minutes  Male (175 lbs)    Calories expended in 30 minutes  Female (135 lbs) Bicycling 12-13.9 mph (moderate effort)    334   258 Circuit Training     334   258 Stretching, hatha yoga    167   129 Dancing – general    188   145 Dancing – ballet, modern    251   193 House Cleaning – vigorous (mop, wash car)     188   145 House Cleaning – light (dusting, vacuuming)    104   81 Playing […]

Winston Salem Fitness : Need Make sure to help Figuring Out What Qualifies as Exercise?

Be sure to check Out These Suggestions There are numerous activities that can be worked into your day that do not involve going to the fitness center or an aerobics class. A few alternative ideas are listed below • Walk! Do it with a friend, find a local trail, go to the mall and walk […]

Winston Salem Fitness : Incorporating Exercise Into Your Life

Now that you’ve been convinced of how important physical activity is to your health and well being, the next step is incorporating it into your life. Lucky for all of us, becoming more physically active is a cinch! It’s just a matter of incorporating some simple steps into your life. In fact, you probably already […]

Winston Salem Fitness : Physical Activity

What Is Exercise? • Physical activity doesn’t need to be strenuous to achieve health benefits. • Men and women of all ages benefit from a moderate amount of daily exercise (for example – 30 minutes of brisk walking or 15 minutes of jogging). • Previously sedentary people who start physical activity programs should start with […]

Winston Salem Fitness : Stairclimbing

Equipment Used When Stairclimbing • Stairmaster 4000 PT • ClimbMax • Stepmill 7000 PT • Alpine Stairclimber • Versa Climber • Regular stairs Variations On Stairclimbing • Stair stepper machine with side hand rails • Stair stepper with hand rails above • Stair stepper with rotating 8 inch stairs side hand rails • Stair stepper […]

Winston Salem Fitness : Equipment Needed For Running

A pair of running footwear and clothing appropriate for the weather are all you need. A pair footwear will cost anywhere from $40 to $120. Be sure you purchase footwear that are the proper size. Feet have varied shapes (even on the same person). Running footwear also have different shapes. Visit your local running shoe […]

Winston Salem Fitness : Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope Equipment • Jump Rope • Appropriate footwear Jumping Rope Variations Jumping Rope – Low Level of Difficulty • Double foot jump – Both feet take off from the ground slightly and land together. • Alternate foot jump – the “skipping technique” where feet are alternated up and down while the rope makes it’s […]